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As the world changes we (individuals, organisations, communities and even nations) are in danger of being out of control or, perhaps worse, even being left behind.

FutureStates is about adaptation, change, transition… the future and how to be part of that, not next year but NOW.

We provide advice and training to individuals, institutions, communities and governments on resilience, sustainable development and climate change.

Sustainable development and the resilience process are complex and we recognise that each situation has a unique starting point and a different path; no single, magic formula, no universal solution.

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Some of our recent assignments:

Some of our recent assignments

Drafting climate change adaptation guidelines for two sections (Ben Luc and Binh Chuan) of the Third Ring Road around Ho Chi Minh City involving development of vulnerabilities, impacts and adaptation options, based on IPCC Climate Change Scenarios.

Development of new Urban Sector Policy and Strategy and associated Operational Guidelines through which to implement the strategy and dissemination of urban information and policies to all member states through a Regional Workshop.

Assesses (i) the preparedness of EU Member States to apply the climate change requirements of the 2014 – 2020 programming period; (ii) Understanding the reasons behind the differences Member States and infrastructure sectors in terms of addressing climate adaptation issues, identifying gaps and barriers as well as best practices; (iii) Stock-taking at European and State level (resources available and needed); (iv) Development of case study examples; and (v) Communication and dissemination of project findings.

Consideration of the social and environmental issues of a wind power facility.

Drafting of a Project Brief for discussions with Government prior to undertaking an ESIA for preliminary offshore work.

Mid-Term Review: Of the Support Programme to the Niger Delta (five states Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, and Rivers) to evaluate the water and sanitation project component for appropriateness and feasibility, and potential mid-term corrections. Recommendations concerning whether or not the donor should continue supporting the sector, how should this support be designed and implemented. All this within a traditional focus on relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability.

Institutional Assessment and Training: Preparation and delivery of a training course on environmental law to Palestinian institutions applying to desalination plants (construction and operations) ~ Local laws, Israeli and MENA regulations, EU regulations, Equator principles, World Bank Safeguards and IFC performance standards.

Environmental and Social Management Framework: Developed for transport and waste management sectors.

Evaluation: Testing of a new telecommunications app to deliver internet access in the absence of Wi-Fi, 4G or 3G networks.

Preparation of INDCs: Technical assistance and capacity building to prepare INDCs in countries throughout Caribbean. Tasks included: Review of existing methodologies and approaches; Preparation and delivery of a curriculum and training plan; and Preparation of training materials and delivery of regional capacity-building.

Monitoring & Evaluation: Provision of M & E for the Natural Resource Management, Environment and Social Impact Assessment and Resettlement Due Diligence Services for Development of Power, Water and Sanitation Service Improvements in Sierra Leone. The work covers the initial due diligence of the MCC compact development process.

End of Project Review of CDM projects and programmes.