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As the world changes we (individuals, organisations, communities and even nations) are in danger of being out of control or, perhaps worse, even being left behind.

FutureStates is about adaptation, change, transition… the future and how to be part of that, not next year but NOW.

We provide advice and training to individuals, institutions, communities and governments on resilience, sustainable development and climate change.

Sustainable development and the resilience process are complex and we recognise that each situation has a unique starting point and a different path; no single, magic formula, no universal solution.

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Some of our recent assignments:

Some of our recent assignments

Mid-Term Review: Of the Support Programme to the Niger Delta (five states Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, and Rivers) to evaluate the water and sanitation project component for appropriateness and feasibility, and potential mid-term corrections. Recommendations concerning whether or not the donor should continue supporting the sector, how should this support be designed and implemented. All this within a traditional focus on relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability.

Institutional Assessment and Training: Preparation and delivery of a training course on environmental law to Palestinian institutions applying to desalination plants (construction and operations) ~ Local laws, Israeli and MENA regulations, EU regulations, Equator principles, World Bank Safeguards and IFC performance standards.

Environmental and Social Management Framework: Developed for transport and waste management sectors.

Evaluation: Testing of a new telecommunications app to deliver internet access in the absence of Wi-Fi, 4G or 3G networks.

Preparation of INDCs: Technical assistance and capacity building to prepare INDCs in countries throughout Caribbean. Tasks included: Review of existing methodologies and approaches; Preparation and delivery of a curriculum and training plan; and Preparation of training materials and delivery of regional capacity-building.

Monitoring & Evaluation: Provision of M & E for the Natural Resource Management, Environment and Social Impact Assessment and Resettlement Due Diligence Services for Development of Power, Water and Sanitation Service Improvements in Sierra Leone. The work covers the initial due diligence of the MCC compact development process.

End of Project Review of CDM projects and programmes.

Climate Change Expert Climate Change INDCs: Preparation of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions for the Government of Seychelles in advance of its negotiations at the next UNFCCC CoP (21) in Paris.

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change: Session Chairman at Kuwait International HSE Conference and Exhibition and speaker on Environmental Strategies, Policies and Measures for a Healthy Ecosystem.

Assessment of expressions of interest, submitted after open invitation, to shortlist for a programme of research activities that will enable national governments to identify relevant climate adaptation and resilience strategies and to horizon scan for long term planning purposes; development of a ToR to effect the above; and guidance on the evaluation of subsequent bids.

Provision of guidance on measures to be taken to address climate change resilience in line with the MRGP Guidelines on Climate Change Resilience. This required an analysis of the work conducted as described in the consultant’s Feasibility Report compared to requirements specified in the project’s Terms of Reference and compatibility with the MRGP Guidelines. Shortfalls in the approach were highlighted with recommended actions required to bring work up to standard commensurate with the Guidelines.

Technical assistance at CoP 20 to the water sector on integrating water issues into the negotiating text.