Assignments include:

Review of sustainable strategy of the Ecological State of Montenegro, Strategies for mega-cities, HSE in construction (for tourism), Development and delivery of environmental awareness, ISO 14001, Green Globe and auditing training, Technical assistance on ICZM, Degradation of water resources, Capacity-building in environmental management/tourism planning, Development and delivery of EIA training using tourism case studies, GEF Red Sea coastal and marine resource management project, Development and delivery of awareness programmes on EMS, ISO 14001, Environmental management capacity-building, to 12 ministries (including the Ministry for Tourism), EIA; airport development options (to support tourism expansion), Development of coastal zone management plan (conflicts of oil & gas with tourism), Environmental appraisal of tourism development plans, EIA; proposed land reclamation and development scheme (for internal tourism), Studies on marine disposal of domestic waste from coastal settlements with a large seasonal population (internal tourism), Funding of protected areas through ecotourism (Egypt and Jamaica), master planning (Serbia, Montenegro) and forest tours (Guyana). Strategic Environmental Assessment undertaken for tourism master plan (Egypt)

Projects undertaken by FutureStates in this category

LocationAgency/SectorAssignmentProject Description
North MacedoniaSDC (ECPD)Infrastructure ExpertFinal Evaluation: Strategy for Regional Development 2009-2019 conducted in accordance with the Rulebook – Procedure for selection of evaluators and methodology for evaluation of the planning documents for regional development (Official Gazette of the Republic of North Macedonia, number 15/12 and 67/13). Following the evaluation, a new draft Strategy for Regional Development and eight new programmes for development for the planning regions are to be developed.
EgyptEU (Prospect)Team LeaderIdentification and Formulation of the EU Environment & Climate programme under the Annual Action Programme 2020 and programming support for 2021-2027. Two streams of action: support for Environment/Climate sector alongside Single Support Framework for European Support to Egypt and capacity -building with Ministry of Environment (Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency) to support the establishment of a strong policy framework to mainstream environmental and climate in other policy areas notably through the circular economy. Also mid-term priorities for 2021-2027 and recommendations to mainstream environment and climate action in all sectors of EU intervention. Implementation modality, and ToRs or specification for TA service contract or any relevant modality.
Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Jamaica, St Lucia, SurinameCDB (KEIOS)ExpertDevelopment of new Urban Sector Policy and Strategy and associated Operational Guidelines through which to implement the strategy and dissemination of urban information and policies to all member states through a Regional Workshop.
Dominican RepublicACP-EU (Safege)Climate Change Preparation of INDCs: Technical assistance and capacity building to prepare INDCs in countries throughout Caribbean. Tasks included: Review of existing methodologies and approaches; Preparation and delivery of a curriculum and training plan; and Preparation of training materials and delivery of regional capacity-building.
SeychellesExpertise France (MWH)Climate ChangeClimate Change Expert Climate Change INDCs: Preparation of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions for the Government of Seychelles in advance of its negotiations at the next UNFCCC CoP (21) in Paris.
St HelenaSt Helena Government (IMC)Hazardous Waste ManagementProvision of a technical review of the options in the draft Hazardous Waste Management Assessment Report of the St Helena Government and in particular: Identify and briefly appraise any technological options that may have been missed, Provide estimates for the options included in the report; and Consider the constraints faced on export under the Basel Convention.
Saudi ArabiaAirport AuthorityEnvironmental ManagementProvision of preliminary advice on the requirements for an internationally-compliant environmental plan for King Abdulaziz International Airport which serves the city of Jeddah. Facilities include high-speed rail service, new and expanded Haij terminal, solar generation, desalination and new city infrastructure.
Belize, GlobalEC (MWH)Climate ChangeKey Expert advising the Global Climate Change Alliance which provides a platform for dialogue and exchange among the EU and target countries and provides support in five priority areas: Adaptation to climate change; Reducing emissions from deforestation; Enhancing participation in the Clean Development Mechanism ; Promoting Disaster Risk Reduction; and, Integrating climate change into poverty reduction efforts. Specified and organised identification and formulation missions to Benin, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Samoa, Laos and Bhutan and facilitated regional climate change conference for Caribbean.
NigeriaAllison Fisheries Limited (CARES)EIA ~ portScoping, planning and peer review of EIA for a Sugar and Grain Terminal.
NigeriaDFIDState Peer ReviewElaboration of environmental indicators to assist in the development of the peer review mechanism as part of the State Evaluation and Assessment Tool being undertaken within the State Partnership for Accountability, Responsiveness and Capability programme, on behalf of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum and the Federal Government.
GlobalECPeer ReviewEvaluation of Proposals /(Full applications): Call for Proposals for the “Thematic Programme for Environment and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, including Energy”. Assessed several full applications) nearly all of which included assessments of one or more of climate change, REDD, FLEGT, CDM and Disaster Risk Reduction and all included review and assessment of agreements with partner organisations, project formulation, log frames, action plan and/or work-plan drafting, budget drafting etc.
MontenegroNGODue diligence of environmental studies ~ master planThe work entailed appraisal of a master planning document concerning the intention to put the country on a sustainable development course. Review and detailed comments made on the document "Montenegro ~ Towards an Ecological State".
EgyptGovernmentStrategic Environmental Assessment ~ National Sustainable Tourism Strategic PlanThis assignment is being undertaken in Egypt on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Development Authority. The tourism target is 25 million visitors by 2020 and is codified in The National Sustainable Tourism Strategic Plan. A key question is whether there is enough capacity in Egypt's natural, historical, cultural, and human resources to sustain the envisaged growth. The assignment explores the capacity of the tourism sector to cope with the expansion target and seeks to understand what may be needed to eliminate or minimise constraints. The study also reviews the existing tourism impacts and considers what future impacts there may be and what strategies could be deployed to minimise those, where and if possible. Because the anticipated tourism growth is expected to be coastally based, the study places emphasis on the coastal and marine resources.
Trinidad & TobagoECDisaster Preparedness AssessmentCurrent arrangements in Trinidad & Tobago were assessed for all aspects of disaster preparedness leading to financing for improved disaster management capability; regional, national and at community level.
UgandaEUCountry Environmental ProfileSupport was provided for the preparation of a Country Strategy Paper for Uganda, to directly influence EC cooperation activities, and ensure cooperation strategies integrate environmental considerations into the selection of priority focal areas.
GuyanaEUCountry Environmental ProfileSupport was provided for the preparation of a Country Strategy Paper for Guyana, to directly influence EC cooperation activities, and ensure cooperation strategies integrate environmental considerations into the selection of priority focal areas.
JamaicaEU AidCoProject Evaluation ~ marine protected area and ecotourismProject evaluation was undertaken in Jamaica - The Self-Sustainability of the Negril Marine Park, Project ENV/B7-6200/98-22 to determine lessons learned over the period of EC project funding (1999 2002). EC wished to be appraised of why most of the activities were delayed and to evaluate the outputs of the project in terms of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability.
CyprusLocal ConsultancyTraining ~ HSE in ConstructionA series of 2-day seminars were developed and delivered in Cyprus on: Managing Health and Safety for the Construction Industry, Pollution Control Management, EIA from Theory to Practice, and Environmental Auditing for Hotels. The seminars included a site visit, local cases as examples and were supported with custom delegates notes.
CyprusLocal ConsultancyTraining ~ EIAA 2-day course on environmental impact assessment in Cyprus with special emphasis on setting EIA into a local context, prior to potential assimilation into the EU. Included a site visit, local cases as examples and was supported with delegate's notes.
EgyptWorld Bank, (GEF)CZM ~ GEF Red Sea Coastal and Marine Resource Management ProjectWorking with government agencies including the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency and the Tourism Development Authority, activities included: development of a database utilising GIS and remote sensing techniques; baseline studies on existing pollution and nature-based tourism, a regulatory needs assessment, identification of institutional strengthening needs, building capacity in EIA, establishment of an Environmental Monitoring and Enforcement Coordination Unit, a Reef Recreation Management Unit, and development of a Marine Protected Areas Programme.
Cyprus TRTourismDue diligence ~ tourismNewly opened dive training facilities were inspected at a leisure complex on the northern coast of in the Turkish Republic of Cyprus. Review and testing was undertaken of the facilities, equipment and staff.
MontserratUK Government, DFIDEnvironmental Impact Assessment ~ airportAssessed potential social and environmental impact of the development of Blackburne airport in Montserrat as part of a wider series of studies (engineering, financial and tourism) for the detailed feasibility of airport development: evaluation of the effects of the development on the Farm River, natural drainage patterns, coastal regime, local flora and fauna, archaeological interest, noise and dust, and on the introduction of pests and diseases. The evaluation indicated that the major impacts of the project were likely to be on land-take, landscape, the Farm River, heritage, certain local communities, transportation and infrastructure. Compensation packages were developed for properties. A sensitive design of the proposed airport built elements was recommended to maintain the infrastructure in keeping with the local architecture. The natural alignment of the Farm River was retained with the use of culverts. A local sugar mill (including, chimney, boiling house and plantation house) was recommended for relocation and an Amerindian village was recommended for excavation prior to construction. A local community would need to be relocated for safety reasons.
Trinidad & TobagoIADBCZMThe Ministry of Environment, Trinidad & Tobago required a study to assess the islands' natural resource base and to consider its environmental protection needs. Development opportunities of the resources were recognised, both for revenue earning capacity as a major export and also as a tourism opportunity. Various ministries, government departments and agencies with an interest in, or a duty for, the management of individual resources were identified. Existing information on the natural resource base was collated and mapped - identifying the primary natural resources, legislation that was available to protect those resources and whether that legislation was effective. Additional methods of environmental protection were proposed.
DominicaCDBEnvironmental Impact Assessment ~ marinaAssessed the potential environmental and social risks of a marina development at Indian River, Portsmouth in Dominica as part of a wider series of studies (engineering, financial and tourism) that was addressing the entire feasibility of tourism implementation plans. Tasks - an evaluation of the effects of the proposed facilities on the hydraulic behaviour of the Indian River, the coastal regime into which the river discharges, the flora and fauna within the environment that would be affected, and the cost of mitigation measures. During the course of the study the hydraulic nature of the river was described as was the local ecology and conservation interest in the area. The scenic quality was qualitatively assessed. Likely effects of both the construction and operational phases of the development were identified and in particular an assessment was made of the key impacts - ecology, erosion, dredging activity (spoil dispersal), noise, landscape, drainage, transportation and socio-economic conditions. Mitigation plan developed and costed to safeguard ecology, landscape, local economy and culture.
Turks and Caicos IslandsUK Government, DFIDEnvironmental Impact Assessment ~ airportPart of a feasibility study to review the existing airport infrastructure of the Turks and Caicos, national structure plan and tourist development options. Various airport options on five different islands were reviewed in terms of potential environmental impact. Appraisal considered ecology, waste disposal, cultural and noise issues and ranked the various topics in relation to each option, from the least to the most sensitive. Several sensitive receptors within the locality of each development option including mangrove swamps, sea grass beds, coral reefs, residential communities and wilderness-value environments. The outcome determined that no new site was available for an international airport. Consequently, the existing airports were considered for runway extensions to allow international traffic to use them. The extensions were designed taking into account environmental mitigation as developed through the appraisal process.
BahrainConstructionEnvironmental Impact Assessment ~ causewayAssessment included a primary requirement to predict changes in the hydrodynamics of the area behind a reef area that was the subject of a proposed reclamation scheme in Bahrain. Secondary requirements were the assessment of the impact of a reduced flushing regime on nursery grounds and feeding areas, and of the area/extent of potential borrow areas. Sediment characteristics were described and an inventory made of the indigenous flora and fauna.
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